Mint at Antioch   Today Antakya in Turkey.

The mint in Antioch operated 8 to 9 officinae (workshops) during the reign of Probus.

This mint struck aurei and antoniniani. Although the amount of coins produced was high, they did not have much variation in legends or types and the style is typically quite primitive.

Table by Jérôme Mairat. Translated and used with the permission of the author.





The Greek numerals A, B, Γ, Δ, ε, ς, Z, H, εΔ, represent 9 officinae.



from A / XXI to H / XXI

Reverse type with emperor receiving globe from Jupiter.

Mint closed for 4 years


Γ / KA   ς / KA   star / KA

crescent / XXIA   crescent / XXIε

from A / XXI to εΔ / XXI

Reverse type with emperor receiving globe surmounted by Victory from Jupiter, reverse type with emperor receiving wreath from Tyche .

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