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Mint at Alexandria. Today Al Iskandariyah in Egypt.

Köln 3127; Dattari 5527; Milne 4522; cf. Curtis 1846.. Denomination: tetradrachm.

OBV.: (Autokrator Kaisaros Markos Aurelios Probos Sebastos).

Laureate and cuirassed bust right.

REV.: In left field L Beta
(The Second regnal year of Probus)

Dikaiosyne standing left, holding scales and cornucopiae.

This mint issued tetradrachms. It was the only mint which produced "Greek Imperial" coins for Probus.

Due to inflation and the currency reform of Aurelian the "Greek Imperial" coins ceased to be struck in cities other than Alexandria, the last such coin having been issued for Tacitus (275-6 A.D.) the predecessor of Probus.

These tedradrachms which had a fixed value equivalent to that of a denarius (thus half an antoninianus), closely followed the devaluation of the denarius since the time of Augustus. Proportionally with the antoniniani, their silver content decreased considerably until becoming insignificant. The reform of Diocletian marked the end of the emissions with Greek legends and Alexandria became a Latin imperial mint, such as Antioch or Siscia, striking the official denominations (primarily the follis and its fractions).

Image courtesy of   Classical Numismatic Group, description courtesy of Michel Prieur, CGB

At the present time this site is concentrating on the Roman Imperial issues of Probus, but a section dealing with the Alexandrine issues is also in the works.