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This site is intended as a resource for anyone interested in the reign and coinage of the Roman emperor Probus.

Information on mint activity can be accessed via the navigation sidebar on the left, under headings for individual mints i.e. Lugdunum, Rome etc.

Dating of emissions is Bastien's for Lugdunum, Pink's for other mints,
Gysen's for late issues of Serdica.

When entering a search, please note that legends are
in Latin, therefore V is used in place of U.

Titulature is represented in completely separated form i.e.:
therefore searches need to be entered in similar fashion.

To facilitate searching, symbols are represented
crescent, dotted crescent, vertical crescent,
dot, star, thunderbolt, wreath.

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A bust of Probus in the Capitoline Museum. © Araldo de Luca. Corbis.

Bust of Probus at the Capitoline Museum in Rome.

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